Announcement on Obtaining the Approval of the Joint Restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina
On March 31, at the appro...
ChemChina Ranks 167th among the Fortune Global 500
On the latest annual list...
Italian Embassy Congratulates on the Unveiling of ChemChina’s First “National Theme Month”
On June 2, ChemChina laun...
Middle East Coatings Show 2015
R838 rutile is a generic titanium dioxide prepared by the sulfuric acid method that is a non-toxic, chemically stable white powder treated with a silicon-...
R878 rutile is a titanium dioxide pigment with inorganic coating and organic surface treatment, which has strong glossiness and hiding power, anti-chalkin...
Cr03: solid purple flake; melting point 197°C; specific gravity 2.7; strong oxidant, highly corrosive, toxic and deliquescent; can be used for chrome plat...
Summer Camp
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